Packing Tips


Tips for your sea travel:

Small Hand-carry bags

If you are traveling by ferry we recommend you pack a small hand-carry bag and check-in the rest of your luggage at the baggage check-in counter. For safety reasons, this will ensure you will have at least one hand free to hold the rails when you are embarking and disembarking from the ferry.

Packing within bags

We recommend packing your things into clear zip lock bags, segregating the items into say underwear, t-shirts or shorts for example, before packing them into your suitcase or backpack. Packing in such a way can be extremely useful because:

When you unpack your bag, you only need to take out a series of bags and you can see immediately what you want. So an overnight stay somewhere else just means taking 1 item out of a bag.

In the event you have to unpack at a customs check point etc, instead of having to rummage through your entire clothing in front of everybody, you can calmly take out the individually packed items, the contents of which can be clearly seen by the officials for their necessary checking. Repacking into the luggage would also be very easy!

Packing into zip lock bags can help safeguard the contents in case of any accidental water damage or being exposed to bad weather. At the very least the contents will be kept dry!


If you want to make sure everything else in your bag stay clean and odor free, place the shoes inside of old socks and then place it within an airtight bag (zip lock).

Roll Technique

If clothes are rolled rather than folded, you will be able to put more into your bag. If you roll your clothes in tissue paper, the clothes will also get less wrinkled.