Baggage Information

All baggage will be screened by terminal security. Passengers may be required to have their checked baggage undergo further security screening if deemed necessary.
Please note that any weapons, combustible items, explosive materials, toxic or other dangerous substances is prohibited in SCCPL’s Protected Area / Premises unless prior approval has been given.
The arriving passenger/s shall hand over the baggage which exceeds the limitation to the service crew of the ship before they disembark. Ship staff on duty at the exit of the ship will stop and refer passenger/s to deposit their bulky baggage with the service crew of the ship near the exit if their baggage does not meet the requirement.
Singapore Cruise Centre shall not be held liable for:

  • • Water damage to baggage;
  • • Damage to the baggage exterior, such as scratches, dents, stains or fixtures (e.g. handles, wheels);
  • • Loss of any undeclared items;
  • • Loss or damage of items in unsuitably packed or unsecured baggage