Singapore Customs

Customs Clearance

Please use the Green Channel for your baggage clearance if you do not have controlled or prohibited items to declare and have not exceeded your Duty Free Concession or GST relief.

Please use the Red Channel if you have items to declare or if in doubt

Alcohol Allowance

If you are above 18 years of age, traveled from countries other than Malaysia and have spent 48 hours or more outside Singapore immediately before your arrival, you are granted the following duty-free concessions for liquors:






1 Litre

1 Litre


1 Litre

1 Litre


1 Litre

1 Litre


2 Litres


2 Litres

If you are a bona fide crew member, you will be granted duty-free concession on 0.25litre of spirits, and either 1 litre of wine or 1 litre of beer.

Cigarettes Allowance
There is no duty-free concession for Tobacco, including cigarettes and cigars. Such dutiable goods should be declared. (For more information on GST Relief and other Duty-Free Concession, please visit Singapore Customs’ website @

If in doubt, always seek clearance at the Red Channel.

Cash Allowance
As of 1 November 2007, the Corruption, Drug Trafficking and Other Serious Crime (Confiscation of Benefits) Act requires that a persons who moves into or out of Singapore, Physical Currency and Bearer Negotiable Instruments (CBNI) the total value of which exceeds SGD20,000.00 (or its equivalent in a foreign currency) must give a report to an Immigration Officer or to the Suspicious Transaction Reporting Office.

GST Import Relief
Bona-fide traveller who is not a holder of a work permit, employment pass, student pass, dependent pass or long-term pass, will be given GST relief on new articles, souvenirs, gifts and food preparations (excluding intoxicating liquors, tobacco and petroleum products) up to the following value shown in the table below:

Time Spent Away from Singapore

Value of Goods Granted GST Relief*

48 hours or more

S$500 (down from S$600)

Less than 48 hours

S$100 (down from S$150)

Please be informed that the above relief is granted on an individual basis and is not applicable if the goods are brought in for trade, commercial or business purposes, or carried on behalf of other persons. For goods exceeding the eligible GST relief, travellers are required to make payment for the taxes at the Customs Tax Counter before exiting the Green/Red Channel. Further information on customs clearance and procedures can be found @


About Customs@SG
The Customs@SG mobile app developed by Singapore Customs provides a convenient way for travellers to pay duty and/or Goods and Services Tax (GST) on their overseas purchases without having to visit the Customs Tax Payment Office at the checkpoint when they arrive in Singapore.
Travellers with purchases that have exceeded their personal duty free concession or GST relief can use the Customs@SG mobile app to make an advance declaration and pay the duty and/or GST anytime, anywhere prior to their arrival in Singapore. Once payment has been made, travellers need only show the e-receipts on their smartphone as proof of payment when clearing through Customs.

A Customs@SG web application is also available. Travellers can also choose to declare and pay the taxes online through the web portal.


Terms and conditions apply.
The Customs@SG mobile app also allows the public to provide tip-offs on customs offences and send feedback to Singapore Customs.
Download the app from Google Play and the App Store.


Terms & Conditions
The terms and conditions for use of the Customs@SG mobile/web application for declaration and payment of duty and/or Goods and Services Tax (GST) are as follows:

  • • All information furnished to Singapore Customs in this application shall be true and correct;
  • • The traveller shall be aged 18 years or older to submit a declaration for cigarettes and/or tobacco products;
  • • The receipt for payment issued through the mobile/web application is valid only on the date of arrival and at the place of arrival, as declared by the traveller;
  • • The traveller will have to declare goods not covered by a successful declaration made through the mobile/web application at the Customs Tax Payment Office or Red Channel upon arrival in Singapore, and pay the duty and/or GST chargeable on the goods.
  • • Travellers shall be aware that failure to declare goods which are subject to duty and/or GST is an offence;
  • • The goods declared are not controlled or prohibited, and do not infringe any intellectual property rights.