A dedicated international passenger terminal (IPT) was developed at a cost of S$50 million by PSA at the HarbourFront Centre (formerly World Trade Centre) in conjunction with the Singapore Tourism Board to promote cruise tourism.
The regional ferry operation at Finger Pier was relocated to be together with IPT at the upgraded facilities at HarbourFront Centre.
Pasir Panjang and West Coast domestic ferry terminals were constructed to service the increased activities at the Southern and Jurong offshore industrial islands in Singapore.

The construction of the second regional ferry terminal at Tanah Merah was completed in November at a cost of S$28.6 million. The terminal was built to promote and service passenger commuters for the “growth triangle” of Indonesia Bintan Island, Malaysia Johor and Singapore.

In preparation for the arrival of the new generation of “Mega resort” cruise ships to Singapore, the terminal at HarbourFront was upgraded and its berth extended at a cost of S$22.5 million.


Singapore Cruise Centre received its 1,000,000 cruise passenger on 16 Dec 98 from SuperStar Leo

Singapore Cruise Centre celebrated its 10th year anniversary.
Singapore Cruise Centre (SCC) as a department was divested from PSA Corporation and became an independent company, Singapore Cruise Centre Pte Ltd (SCCPL) under the Temasek Investment Group.


Henceforth, Singapore Cruise Centre Pte Ltd is the cruise & ferry terminal operator for:


1. SCC@HarbourFront (IPT)
International Passenger Terminal (IPT) at HarbourFront for international passenger cruise ships.


2. SCC@HarbourFront (RFT)
Regional Ferry Terminal (RFT) at HarbourFront for passenger commuters by ferry to the Indonesian Riau Islands and West Johor in Malaysia.


3. SCC@Tanah Merah
Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal (TMFT) for passenger commuters by ferry to the “growth triangle” of Indonesian Bintan Islands, East Johor Malaysia and Singapore.


4. SCC@Pasir Panjang
Pasir Panjang Ferry Terminal (PPFT) for worker commuters to the Southern offshore industrial islands in Singapore.

SCCPL was one of the first passenger terminals in the world to be certified ISPS (International Ship & Port Security Code) compliant.
SCCPL was ISO 9001 certified.

Completion of SCC@HarbourFront (SCC@HFT) second upgrade at the cost of S$5 million.



Singapore Cruise Centre Pte Ltd signed a S$2.5 million contract with NEC Advanced IT Services for the development of the Sea Passenger Operations System (SPOS) which used RFID Boarding Passes for efficient tracking of passenger processes through the terminal.



SCC@HarbourFront (IPT) welcomed its 10 millionth cruise passenger since its operations in 1991. SCC@HarbourFront celebrated its 15th year anniversary.



SCCPL partnered Singapore Tourism Board & Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore to launch the S$10 Million Singapore Fly-Cruise Development Fund (FCDF) to boost the cruise tourism.



Completion of SCC@Tanah Merah (SCC@TM) upgrade at the cost of S$3 million.



Launch of SPOS (Sea Passenger Terminal Operating System) at SCC@HarbourFront (RFT) & SCC@Tanah Merah with Asia’s first RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) Boarding Passes for online tracking and integration of passenger processes through the terminal for ferry operations.



SCC@HFT became the first cruise and ferry terminal in the region to provide free wireless Internet connectivity, and set the technological platform for future wireless IT applications.



Launch of the CIP (Commercially Important Passenger) Lounge Services at SCC@Tanah Merah.



Completed S$1 million renovation to the HarbourFront Passenger Terminal to improve passengers’ overall terminal experiences.



SCCPL collaborated with Shanghai Wusongkou International Cruise Terminal Development Co., Ltd (WSK) to form Asia Cruise Terminal Association (ACTA), a non-profit organization. The association was setup in response to the need to have a common understanding amongst cruise terminal, port operators and owners, to upgrade to an international level of services and operations that cruise lines expect.



Jointly developed the Cruise and Ferry Terminal Simulation (CRAFTS) system with SimPlus Pte Ltd. CRAFTS is a simulation system designed for marine passenger terminal so as to prepare in advance the appropriate terminal resources to meet the ship’s needs.



Partnered with the Service Quality Centre to conduct customer service training for staff and stakeholders so as to bring service levels to a new height.



Embarked on a $13.7 million Rejuvenation Project to renovate the terminal and upgrade the facilities at HarbourFront Passenger Terminal.

2012 Jan

Kicked off their newly-informed marine conservation partnership with World Wide Fund for Nature Singapore’s (WWF) “Say No to Shark’s Fin” campaign which is gaining ground among Singapore consumers.


Clinched global awards for efficiency and best turnaround port.


Expanded Passenger Space, Double Service Counters at New-Look Harbourfront Cruise & Ferry Terminal.

2013 Jan

Welcome New SuperStar Gemini at HarbourFront Terminal.


2014 Apr

Won global award for best turnaround port operations for 7th time.


Voted Asia’s Leading Cruise Port at World Travel Awards.

2016 Mar

Won global award for best turnaround port operations at Cruise Insight Award Ceremony.


Welcome P&O Cruises back to HarbourFront after 10 Years.