About us

Singapore Cruise Centre Private Limited (SCCPL) manages and operates 3 ferry terminals and 1 award-winning international cruise terminal in Singapore. We bring operations capability with proven expertise, supported by intimate knowledge of the cruise and ferry business in Singapore.


Since 1991, SCCPL has evolved from a terminal operator to a champion of cruise and ferry related tourism which is anchored upon our operational excellence. We are Asia’s first and only Singapore-based company with a proven track record in managing maritime passenger terminals, augmented by numerous international awards since commencement of operations.


Through effective marketing strategies and partnership with relevant stakeholders, SCCPL has been able to successfully enhance the destination appeal and economic returns for cruise and ferry related tourism in Singapore. Besides the cruise and ferry operations and management, SCCPL also manages the use of commercial space within our premise.


SCCPL offers consultation pertaining to management, technical, and business services in the field of cruise and ferry terminal operations and related tourism development. We work closely with government agencies and stakeholders to facilitate or create synergies for cruise and ferry hub development. To this end, SCCPL has engaged with partners for multiple joint venture projects and partnerships with local governments and reputable multinational corporations across the world.

Our Vision

To be the world’s leading cruise and ferry terminal operator, and be an international partner of choice in overseas cruise and ferry terminal management and consultancy.

Our Mission

To provide efficient, innovative and safe cruise and ferry terminal services, and to add value to waterfront developments.

Our Values


• We have trust and respect for individuals

• We achieve our common objectives through teamwork

• We conduct our business with openness and integrity

• We focus on our customers and build partnerships.